Forgive and Engage Life with Gratitude

Forgive and Engage Life with Gratitude

Posted by Vincent Enoc 

Living in large group of human communities are kind of unique. Different colors, cultures and beliefs shape our individuality. Human moral emotions largely serve the function of keeping individuals connected to one another for long-term social relationships. Part of which is our imperfections. We somehow, in a daily basis commits mistake due to the fact that, we create decisions that compromises something causes unfavorable results. How can we overcome this notion if we ourselves turn out to be perfect in our own way? and How will others respond to our actions? Forgiving is something that everyone finds hard to do. They say, if they will always forgive what others do to them will somehow spoil the other party causing havoc. But we haven’t realized yet that forgiving others for transgressions will demonstrate gratitude that acknowledges the effort and time of others, and apologizing for transgressions you may be responsible for are all part of our evolved psychology—shaped to ultimately keep us connected to others within broader human communities. We haven’t thought first that we also apologize of our mischievousness but we all turn complacent because we refuse to see it in ourselves. We are more on the notion of judging others to hide our imperfections, psychologically.
From an evolutionary perspective, living a rich life is not about money. Human happiness and success may be better understood in terms of one’s connections with ancestral ecological conditions as well as the degree of positive influence that one has on one’s broader communities. Everyone can achieve a happy life if we always have the positive outlook that whatever situation we are in are of a good reason. Life is sweet.

Conditionally, Life will at its best if we forget all the worries and frustrations that we have kept for so long and living life knowing that it could be sweeter than you expect.You may not be able to “take it with you”—but if you lead a life that focuses on building the next generation of leaders and cultivating communities at multiple levels, your mark will be left on the world for centuries to come.
We have to remember that as we enjoy the overwhelming treats we received from the one above, Life is sweet. Forgive and engage life with gratitude.

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