Without a Voice

This post caught my attention.

Squeeze the Space Man's Taco


It had been happening almost every day. And this morning was no exception. Cade’s allergies have been relentless.

“Ugggh.” Cade grunted on the couch. The painful, frustrated sound could be heard all through the night. My Cade radar was on high alert keeping REM sleep at bay.

“God, please grant my son peace.” I prayed. The salty tears crossed my lips as I lay. Tightly gripped my hands remained as I continued. “Please keep him free from pain.”There’s no worse feeling than knowing yourchild is suffering. “Please…” At times the man upstairs appears to be listening. Then, there are other times where he simplyappears preoccupiedwith more pressing matters. Either way, I prayed.

6:00 a.m. came way too soon. My hands still gripping. My heart still praying. I made my way to the living room. This is where Cade chooses to sleep these days.

“Uggh.” The grunting became louder. The heavy…

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