Thomas Ford: Exits the stage at 52.

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In Martin, Ford played Tommy Strawn who was, at times, the straight man for Martin Lawrence’s jokes, but he very often inserted scene-stealing “bald-headed logic” and witty comments in odd situations. Also, his character was often the subject of many jokes regarding his mysterious employment status though Tisha Campbell-Martin revealed he was a counselor and presumably unemployed after Ford complained that his character lacked development. Ford received an NAACP Image Awards nomination in 1996 in the category of Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series.

Ford Received numerous awards and played different characters in different movies which established his name in Hollywood. Tommy played a big role in the television network as a host, in the rising of his career comes a dilemma that made him to be in life support but this storm in his life never stopped him to be continually supported by a lot of people. Ford died on October 12, 2016, at an Atlanta area hospital after an aneurysm in his abdomen ruptured. He was 52.

For a fact that TV host sets the atmosphere of an enjoyable and entertaining portion of a not-so-productive hours of people who loves to spend most of their time watching television is something that must be appreciated. Though they are a lot, they spend their time in making people happy. One of those is Tommy Ford.